Thesis internship 2020 – Gothenburg

Hey Master students, 

Up for writing your Master’s thesis with us next spring?

Here is your chance to dive deep into one of our exciting thesis scopes. You’ll be supervised by one of our experienced engineers and work with cutting edge technology. It’s a great way to see the technology side of a fast-growing company and gain in-depth knowledge of what it’s like to be a Spotify employee. 

We’re are looking for enthusiastic students with a real passion for music and an ambition to go far, just like us. You need your skills, a strong will to grow and develop, and a passion for music. You also need to be on the last year of your studies and able to start writing your thesis in January 2020.  

These suggestions for master thesis projects are paid work, and they can be adjusted to your skillset and the university demands. This is a special chance to dig into some real challenges with one of our teams.

These are the teams that are looking for a thesis intern for January 2020! 

Core-X – Open suggestion 

The team provide our users with great platforms to listen to, rediscover, and express their tastes. We focus on mobile clients and work with features like Collection and Playlists and our social features.

Thesis suggestion:
We would like to hear your thoughts and create the thesis scope together with you. If you have a big interest and knowledge within any of these areas:  Computer Science, Mobile Development, Backend Development or Machine Learning and are passionate about writing a thesis related to one of these we would love to hear from you.

Courses in: Computer Science or Machine Learning
Skills: We believe that some of the following skillsets can be used in a thesis depending on the scope: Android, iOS, Java, Python, Objective C, Swift, Kotlin or C++. 

Refused – Personalization of playback experience

At Spotify, we’re the team that controls when and where content is played. We are dealing with some real challenges in the world when it comes to distributed systems and security. We are looking for a highly motivated thesis worker to help us solve these challenges and provide an even better playback experience to our users. 

Thesis suggestion:
There are several opportunities to find a relevant project in our team. We would like to have a dialogue with the selected student regarding what they are passionate about and decide together on the specifics. To spark some inspiration, here is a potential topic: 

There have been previous solutions for improving the quality of playback. One of these was to use a machine learning model to predict stutter and proactively alleviate audio streaming problems. 

We believe that there are several use cases not yet explored where we can improve playback experience on a personal basis. Some relevant methods in this task could be:

  • Clustering of users and devices
  • Time Series Forecasting

Courses in: Computer Science, Machine Learning or Data Science
Skills: Data science related domain such as statistics, information theory, etc

Boombox – Automatic adjustment of audio playback

Our mission is to make playback fabulous for consumers through media platforms that other teams can depend upon. We’re the team providing a simple robust, efficient, portable and easily extensible platform for high-quality client audio playback. 

Thesis suggestion:
We’re looking for a thesis student to research and develop solutions around automatic adjustments of audio playback volume as the noise level of the surrounding environment changes.

Courses in: Computer Science
Skills: Mobile development such as iOS, Java and C++ 


Make sure to specify which team and thesis suggestions you’re interested in our application form, and we will try to match you with the best thesis project for your skillset.  Keep in mind that the suggestions are just a first draft and might change until you start in January 2020. 

All these projects will be conducted in Gothenburg and we will pay you 35 000 SEK for your thesis (note that we can’t cover things like relocation, housing, or travel expenses). 

These master thesis opportunities are only open to students that are currently studying at a Swedish university or campus.

When you apply we ask you to fill in a quick application form, attach a resume and a cover letter. In your cover letter, please include why the thesis suggestions you chose is interesting and relevant to you. You can also add your own thesis idea if you have one. You’re welcome to apply in pairs, in that case, please send in one application attaching both your CV’s with a joint Cover Letter.

The deadline to apply is October 20th, 2019. You can expect the following application timeline:

  • Mid September, 2019 – Mid October, 2019: Application Review
  • Late October, 2019 – Mid, November 2019: Interviews
  • November 2019: Offers given out
  • 20 January , 2020: Thesis Intern program start

We strongly believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a better workplace for our employees and a better product for our users and our creators. This is something we value deeply and we encourage everyone to come be a part of changing the way the world listens to music.

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