Master Thesis Intern gigs January 2019 – Engineering and Business – Sweden

Hey Master students,

Up for writing your Master’s Thesis with us in January 2019?

Here is your chance to join our 20 weeks Thesis Intern program and deep dive into one of our exciting thesis scopes. You’ll be supervised by our experienced engineers and work with some real challenges within our teams.

It is a great way to see the technology and business side of a fast-growing company and gain in-depth knowledge of what it is like to be a Spotify employee.

We’re looking for enthusiastic students with a passion for music and an ambition to go far. You’ll need to be on the last year of your studies, currently studying at a Swedish university or campus and be able to start your Master Thesis project in January 2019.

Theses suggestions


Data Infrastructure improvement

Data infrastructure provides tools and services for data processing and analysis, targeting data engineers and scientists throughout Spotify. We’re looking for a Thesis Intern that can deep dive into one of the following thesis suggestions.

  • Moving from batch paradigm to streaming in Data Infrastructure. The idea is to shift from hourly partitions and start thinking about near-real-time data, where records are processed as soon as they are available instead of waiting and grouping them in batches.
  • Are we ready to handle billions of Spotify users? The idea would be to describe stress test scenarios and prepare benchmarks to find bottlenecks in our infrastructure. As an extension, the student could propose some optimization to help us improving our scalability.

Courses in: Computer Science or Distributed Systems

Skills: Computer Networking, Data Processing or Security

User Retention improvements

We’d be thrilled if a sharp master’s student could help us to create a better understanding of what actions we can take in order to improve retention among certain user segments. This can be done from a data science and/or an economic perspective.

Courses: Business, Physics or Industrial Engineering

Programming Languages: SQL, R or Python

Algorithmic content recommendation research

We would like a Thesis Intern to investigate in attitudes and behaviours in algorithmic personalisation among end users in Asia. You’ll be doing a qualitative study of how people understand, interpret and react to algorithmic content recommendation and curation, and how that compares to the West. You’ll work with a combination of primary and secondary data.

Courses: Social Science or Humanities with digital culture focus

Skills: Knowledge in social scientific theory in the area of digital life and qualitative research methods

Two-factor authentication research

Our mission is to improve Spotify’s security by providing tools, support and expertise for the rest of the company to build a secure product on a secure platform. In our team, you’ll compare two-factor authentication solutions for Spotify use (both internal and external) including Benefit vs Cost analysis.

Courses: Computer Science, Engineering Physics

Skills: Java, Python or similar

Scaling Backend Services

We are the team that is taking care of Backend for Speakers. Our Mission is to provide frictionless and scalable playback APIs to build high-quality clients. Come to help us explore how to best scale backend services and work in high request backend system. You’ll work with high-quality playback APIs

Courses: Computer Science

Skills: Java

Mobile application performance

The Performance Teams mission is to assure that our products are fast and efficient. We are looking for a thesis intern to investigate in one of the following thesis suggestions.

  • Mobile applications must operate on diverse platforms, and under changing operating conditions. The problem we are interested in solving is how to detect performance regressions automatically and efficiently in the context of Spotify Music mobile client application
  • Attributing a slow startup time to feature areas or regions of code can be very difficult, given that many things happen concurrently on a modern multi-threaded device. We would like you to investigate in an automated way of attributing performance bottlenecks to specific features in the context of the Spotify Music mobile client application.

Courses: Computer Science

Skills: Mobile development for iOS/Android


Please note in your application which one of these theses suggestions that you’re passionate about and we will try to match you with the best thesis project for your skillset. Keep in mind that the suggestions is just a first draft and might change until you start in January 2019.

All these projects will be run in Stockholm and we will pay you 35 000 SEK (before tax) for your thesis (note that we can’t cover things like relocation, housing, or travel expenses).

Please submit your resume and cover letter by October 21st, 23:59 PM. Our Spotify Student Recruitment team will get back to you latest before November 1st if you have moved on to the next round.

We strongly believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a better workplace for our employees and a better product for our users and our creators. This is something we value deeply and we encourage everyone to come to be a part of changing the way the world listens to music. 

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