Master thesis gigs January 2018 Computer Science, Data and Security

Hi Master students of Machine Learning, Computer Science, Data, Information Security or something similar!

Up for writing a Master’s thesis? These are the projects we offer for January 2018.

You need your skills, a strong will to grow and develop, and a passion for music. You also need to be on the last year of your studies and able to start writing your thesis starting in January 2018.  

These suggestions for master thesis projects are paid work, and they can be adjusted to your skillset and the university demands. This is a special chance to dive deep into some real challenges with one of our teams.

Thesis suggestions

Sense-making engine for large distributed systems

The team that needs your help is on a mission to deliver fast, reliable and meaningful insights for the engineers that build and operate all the backend services that power Spotify. We need a master’s thesis on a sense-making engine that can analyse different types of data from multiple sources and identify both relevant long term variations and incident conditions, in large distributed systems.

Choice of different thesis ideas for cars and wearables

Both automotive industry and wearables sector are in their ‘re-defining moments’ right now, and that means so many great options for thesis work that it’s hard to choose! Let us know which one makes your heart sing?

  • Improvement of streaming data in a low connectivity environment (tech)
  • Modern design guidelines for UX in cars (design)
  • Present and future of car or wearables (business)
  • Automation of manual tests (robotics).

Statistical modelling on premium 

A key component of our work is understanding how people prefer to listen to music and how they use and evaluate different functions. This thesis project will investigate whether and how we can use statistical modelling on large data sets to get a better understanding of why people buy Premium.

Mutual service authentication in large distributed systems

We have to constantly improve our security posture to keep up with all the changes and do it in a manner that can keep up with our scale. It would help a lot if you wrote a master’s thesis on mutual service authentication in large distributed systems


Make sure to specify what thesis suggestions you’re interested in our application form, and we will try to match you with the best thesis project for your skillset. Keep in mind that the suggestions is just a first draft and might change until you start in January 2018.

All these projects will be run in Stockholm and we will pay you 35 000 SEK for your thesis (note that we can’t cover things like relocation, housing, or travel expenses).

These master thesis opportunities are only open to students that are currently studying at a Swedish university or campus .

When you apply we ask you to fill in a quick application form, attach a resume and a cover letter. In your cover letter, please include why the thesis suggestions you chose are interesting and relevant to you. You can also add your own thesis idea if you have one. Our Spotify Recruitment team will get back to you no later than the end of November 2017.

Applications close on October 15th.

We are proud to foster a workplace free from discrimination. We strongly believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a better environment for our employees and a better product for our users and our creators. This is something we value deeply and we encourage everyone to come be a part of changing the way the world listens to music.

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