It’s not a secret that we love music, but something else that’s close to our heart is hosting you students at the office. So we thought, how about combining the two into one epic night?

Student band night is all about students! We’ve invited three different student bands to an after work at our HQ Urban Escape and we’d like you guys to come join us to hear them play. You’ll get to hang out with both Spotify employees and a bunch of other students, and hopefully, you’ll also get a taste of what we’re all about while having an awesome evening.


  • Yansha [KTH]
    The Swedish rapper and music producer Yansha will give you low-key and smooth vibes, combining ambient and eclectic atmosphere. He delivers hard-hitting lyrics based on his reflections on complicated feelings, mental health and self-confidence.
  • Paper Plane Pilots [KTH]
    A six-man band that will bring you the true classics to sing along to. No matter if you’re into hard rock or Swedish pop–these guys will have it covered!

  • Misa Mi [SU & KMH]
    This power duo delivers groovy house that’ll get your feet moving! It’s going to be the perfect vibe to finish off the evening with.

The spots are limited, so make sure to sign up using the link. Notice that just attending the Facebook event doesn’t get you a spot. You’ll receive a confirmation email two days before the event, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Together, we’ll make this night one to remember! At least until next year.